Our foods are fresh,
we make our burgers 100% barbecued beef, or chicken meat with special seasoning.
We serve for you our burgers with homemade recipe hamburger rolls, with fresh salad.

„whether small or large, you are proportional”

May 1 – August 31:

Every Day

Open: Monday to Sunday, 11-22 hours!

September 1 – April 30:

Open: Tuesday to Sunday, 11-21 hours!
Monday: closed!

Home delivery is free in Balatonfüred and Arács

To area of Csopak, Tihany, Aszófő and Balatonszőlős +500.-forint
Delivery to other areas based on conversation Tel: +3620 5035682

Look us on Facebook, www.facebook.com/ham.hamburgerbar